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Growing eco is more important than growing ego, agree? If so, don’t miss Plastic Free July. With the rising interest in the environmental movement, this holiday is to become a new world’s favorite celebration. Now let’s find out what eco-friendly gifts for Plastic Free July you can get to make a holiday even better. 

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is the global movement that connects citizens of Earth in fighting plastic pollution together. As for today, there are 250 million PFJ members in 177 countries. The core idea of a movement is to refuse single-use plastic in July (and beyond). The global movement turned out to be so popular that soon led to the creation of the self-titled holiday. In 2020, the Plastic Free July Day will be celebrated on 15th July. Adding a new party in your calendar won’t hurt, right? Especially if it saves Earth for your grandkids and boosts overall self-awareness.

Top 5 eco-friendly gifts for Plastic Free July

Choosing a present is always fun. Yet, it can be somehow overwhelming when it comes to shopping for eco-friendly gifts. Check out the digest to get inspired: