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Some people are rational. They exchange wish lists, and the whole worrying about the present is nipped in the bud. Though effective, such an approach lacks romance. If you are a spontaneous kind of person, you probably want to achieve that WOW effect. If so, check out today’s digest of the top three gift ideas for a boyfriend.

Boyfriend gift guide: Top 3 gift ideas for a boyfriend in 2020

What if he doesn’t need another water bottle? Won’t he think that this t-shirt is silly? How to make him really happy with my gift? Calm down. You are about to check out the best boyfriend gift guide for 2020:

  1. Create your love story photobook.
    Haven’t you always wanted him to cherish all the precious moments you’ve shared? Photo book is the solution. You can design it in his (or your) favorite colors and place the photos from the day you’ve met till the latest selfie. It is also a cool idea to add some memorable dates, cities you’ve visited together, maps, road signs, festivals’ logos, lyrics of your special songs, e.g.

    If your boyfriend is into poetry, make sure to print down his favorite poems near your photos. It will show that you both know him and support his sense of beauty.

    Another tip is to write down 50 things (or beyond) you like about him. That will show your gratefulness and interest in him. You can also do the 50 things he’s done for you you are thankful for. That might be a good choice if you are in a long-lasting relationship as sometimes we start to take our partners for granted. You see, creating a photo book isn’t just about cool pictures of you together. It is much more.

    It's about turning your feelings into a story, expressing your love and appreciation. That’s why we put a
    romantic photo book in the first place on our boyfriend's gifts digest. Thanks to our service, you can create a photobook in as few as three minutes. Moreover, if you are really short in time, our service can automatically do the stylish romantic collage for you. 

    Top 3 gift ideas for a boyfriend in 2020 love story photo book
  2. Spice it up.
    Though objects are great, they can't be compared to experiences. What if all the gifts for him just don’t seem right? Spice it up. Get him an experience. And we are not talking about scuba diving or salsa certificates. Though great, we are going to be even more creative today by organizing him a romantic quest.

    Let’s say he wakes up in the morning and gets a Viber message from you. It says something like check your kitchen counter. He does so and finds a hand-written letter with instructions (you should hide it the day before). The instruction says that he needs to dress up nicely and go to a coffee shop near his house and ask for Laura or whomever. There, the waitress (you need to agree with her first) gives him a map with a cross at the place he needs to visit next. Finally, you meet him all dressed up with a big smile and tickets to his favorite concert or anything he's always wanted to do.

    That is probably the most time-consuming gift for guys from our list. But trust, that’s an experience he won’t forget.

    Top 3 gift ideas for a boyfriend in 2020 spice it up
  3. Get classy.
    Most of gen-z and millennials order food online. It is fast, affordable, and doesn’t require any effort. Yet, there is one more hidden benefit of ordering food delivery. It makes a homemade dinner stand out. Moreover, UberEats literally turns your homemade food into one of the greatest gift ideas for a boyfriend. Besides, it is a perfect choice if you are cut on the budget.

    I am pretty sure you love avocado salad and blueberry smoothie. Yet, if we are talking about gifts for guys, it makes perfect sense to cook something he’ll really enjoy. If you already know his mom, you can ask her for a recipe of his favorite dish back from childhood. Light up some candles or light strings, turn on relaxing music, and spend a romantic evening with him. 

    Top 3 gift ideas for a boyfriend in 2020 get classy


Wrapping it up

All in all, the best gifts for men are those given by women they love. So no matter what you choose just make sure you do it with joy. We hope that you’ve got inspired by our gift ideas for a boyfriend. Comment below to let us know whether you’ve got some cool gift ideas for men. 

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