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If you’re considering to create your first photo book, we’re here to encourage you to do so. And also give you a couple of good ideas and practical tips on how exactly to go about it. So, let’s dive into the perfect way to craft a personalized photo book!

What is a photo book?

Before we dive in, let’s brush over the basics. A photo book is a customizable digitalized version of a good old photo album. With the only exception that photos are not printed separately and then glued in, but rather printed altogether on a page using special photo printing technologies.

So, let’s move on to find out where to get started with your first photo book creation.

How to make a beautiful photo book

  1. Choose the software.

    With the abundance of perfect digital solutions today, the easiest way to create a photo book is by having a special program do it for you. And it’s only smart to pick the one that allows you to create stylish photo books in just one click. No need to take an extra hour (in the best-case scenario) from your busy schedule trying to figure out how the system works. Besides, there are programs that create photo books out of pictures you post on social media. If you are active on Facebook or Instagram, that might be the way to go!

  2. Select the images.

    Go through the photos you have on your device or social media profile and choose only those ones you’re 100% happy with. Moreover, opt for pictures of the highest quality possible to enjoy the result. Another thing we’d like to mention here on how to create your first photo book is that your book has to tell the story. So, make sure that you choose photos from a single event, or at least sort them out by chapters.

  3. Pick the layout.

    Now, this can be a rather complex matter. But to put it short, make sure that the layout of your book is simple and allows for easy scanning. You need to decide on the number of photos on each page and their size. It’s only smart to change the layout from page to page. Otherwise, the photo book will turn out boring. Mix and match a full-size photo on a double page and a one-page collage with two, three or more photos. In the case of the latter don’t forget to add photos of details. Pages with great core photos only don’t build up a big picture. So, remember to add some background information. Finally, decide on the frame. You might opt for a personal customized photo book with all the pictures in frames as well as those without one. It’s totally up to you and your taste.

  4. Decide on the cover photo.

    It’s just as important to select a high-quality cover photo. We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest: we all do that. So, go through the photos you chose for the book and pick the one that depicts the inner atmosphere of the album. Choose an image that will best explain what this photo book is all about. Alternatively, you can also choose a title for the cover. Decide on the font and its size. And ensure that they look well together on a cover!

  5. Add comments.

    If you want to support some of the images with short comments, share some memories associated with them, or add on some wishes if it’s a customized anniversary photo book, don’t hesitate to do so! Words can boost the value of the photo book and keep your precious memories for years to come!

  6. Share a digital version of the photo book.

    You can always create a digital or an electronic photo book. Not only it’s much more compact, but also a much more eco-friendly solution. You get your photos organized and always within your reach without having to spend a cent on it. Besides, you can keep a PDF version of the photo book even after printing out a physical book just in case it gets lost, or you want to print out a copy for a friend without having to create it from scratch again.


How to publish a photo book

To get your first photo book published, you need to choose one (preferably the best) photo printing service. Go to their website, customize the photo book to your heart’s content, and then order the hard copy of the end result.

Sometimes the customization part takes hours if not days. And if you don’t have that time on your hands, you can choose DiamondBooks services. We create a photo book in just a few clicks. We’ll save you time and effort and yet deliver a high-quality and beautiful photo book that’ll keep your memories for a very long time.

Over to you

Finally, just do it! Now that you have an idea of how to create your first photo book, all you have to do is get your feet wet! Check out DiamondBooks with our beautiful single-click photo books and create your first one today. It’ll make an unforgettable gift and a perfect way to save your own memories.

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