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Back in times of rented movies and pagers, capturing your dog was a skill for privileged. From a pricey camera to expensive editing software, photography required both time and energy investments. The situation has changed within the last decade. Thanks to the growing accessibility of smartphones and editing apps, we are now blessed to take high-quality shots within a few minutes. Yet, do you really know how to take good photos with your phone?

Indeed, taking a great shot is not about hitting the button. It requires physical skills and intellectual knowledge. That’s why to make a beautiful photo book one requires some help from professionals. 

What secrets should you know to learn how to take good photos with your phone? Well, there are a few we are about to share.

How to Take Good Photos With Your Phone: 9 Tips & Tricks

  1. Go for manual focus.

In the 21st century, robots do all the hard work for you. It’s great when it comes to making coffee or locating you in the woods. Yet, it has nothing to do with art.

Modern-day phones focus on the foreground of your frame. However, your imagination is wider than that. What if you want it to be blurry at the front and move the focus to the back of the image? To adjust focus to your preferences, open your camera app, and touch the screen at the place where you want to add some sharpness. If you focus on a single subject only, make sure that it stands out. That core composition element shouldn’t fill the whole frame, and the two-thirds of the picture must be the negative space.

  1. Use gridlines to create harmony

Turning on your camera's gridlines is a primary way to upgrade your mobile photography. That inflicts a series of lines on the screen that are based on the "rule of thirds". That’s the classy composition principle dated in the 18th century.

According to it, the image has to be divided into thirds, horizontally and vertically. It turns out so you have nine equal parts in total. The theory also suggests that if you place main composition objects in these intersections or along the lines, your photo will seem more natural and appealing to the viewers. Indeed, understanding how to take good photos with your phone requires some learning.

Let’s see how you can switch the gridlines on:

iPhone: Enter "Settings," select "Photos & Camera," and switch "Grid" on.

Samsung Galaxy: Turn on the camera app, go to "Settings,"change the "gridlines" option to "on."

  1. Embrace negative space.

Let’s figure out what "Negative space" is. The term means those empty areas that are around or between the main composition’s subject.

Being surrounded by negative space, your subject automatically stands out more and causes a higher emotional response at a viewer. It can be a massive chunk of open sky, lake, sea, green field, or an empty wall. If you are about to make your
photobook, consider that those pictures with a lot of negative space might be its greatest jems.

Thanks to this
service, you can do a photobook by simply logging in to your Facebook account and choosing your favorite shots. Moreover, if you are short in time, the service can automatically design the photobook for you.

  1. Say bye to zooming in

Taking a photo from a distance, it seems easier to just zoom in on the subject you want to capture. Though tempting, it is not as effective as it seems. Zooming in leads to grainy, blurry, and pixelated shots. Alternatively, do your best to get as close to your hero as possible -- unless it's a hungry moose. In such a case, take a picture from a safe distance. Then, crop it back at home. That way, you won't harm the quality. Besides, no one prohibits you from playing with optimization of a larger image.

  1. Play around with reflections.

Our eyes are drawn to reflections. Why miss an opportunity to play with them in photos? Large bodies of water, sunglasses, mirrors, champagne glasses, puddles, and metallic surfaces are just to name a few.

  1. Think outside-of-the-box

Think of Elvis. The guy took up rock-n-roll to the whole new level. And, well, there were other guys who made good music too. The deal is, it was Elvis-imitating kind of music. And that’s, well, boring. At least not unique.

The same is true for photography. You can’t impress a viewer with another golden leaf pic. On the contrary, taking photos from an unusual angle makes them fresh to a viewer. It can be an illusion of depth or height. It also helps your image to stand out as the greatest part of smartphone photos are taken from a straight view.

  1. Picture the repetitive patterns.

How to take good photos with your phone if you have nothing but creativity? Nature itself is here to help. Just like reflections, natural repetitive patterns are very joyful to one’s eye. Lines, squares, circles, triangles and colors create a powerful visual impact. Watch out on where these natural patterns occur to make a great pic. All in all, you can make a photo book with all the repetitive patterns you’ve seen this summer. Isn’t it a beautiful challenge to accept?