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They are natural, relaxed, and cute. Besides, they are never unhappy with the results of a photoshoot. Isn’t it every photographer’s dreams?  Indeed, our fluffy buddies are great and deserve to be captured.  Besides, pet pictures always gain most upvotes and likes, not to mention that you can earn some by selling them on photo stocks. Don’t waste time. Check out our tips for taking better photos of your pet in 2020.

Lifehacks & camera settings for pet photography 

Check out our digest to get inspired and learn more about camera settings for pet photography:

  1. Don’t dress to impress.

    Pet photography is always fun. And well, dirty. You’ll have to lay on the ground, break into bushes, and kneel all the time. Besides, you are more than likely to get dribbled. Thus, make sure to leave your best pair of jeans at home. Choose something you’ve already wanted to get rid of. This way you’ll be able to relax and dive into doing art without worrying about dirt on your knees. 
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet dress casually

  2. Grab some treats.

    Unlike people, pets don’t really care about impressing Insta followers. And that makes perfect sense. Chasing a duck is more fun than staring at your lense. Motivation, though, does the trick. Trust, you have no choice but to grab some pet snacks. Otherwise, a pet won’t be motivated at all and the whole photoshoot will be ruined. If the shooting happens during summer months, make sure to take water and bowl as well. 
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet get some treats

  3. Don’t forget a toy.

    Once again, pets won’t stare at your camera without a solid reason. Hence, don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toy. You can hold it above or beside your lens so as to catch the pet’s attention. You can always play around to get different facial expressions. The squeak toys are perfect for the photoshoots.

    How to use them properly? First, make sure that a pet looks straight in the lense. Then, squeeze a toy behind your back. The dogs are likely to cock their head to the side. That’s how they try to figure out where the sound comes from.
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet have a toy

  4. Focus on the eyes.

    There is no choice but to manually adjust camera settings for pet photography. To catch the sharp focus, it’s best to use a single focus point on your camera that you can move within the frame to sit exactly on one of the dog’s eyes as you take the shot. There is another cool trick you can’t miss. Put a treat on a top of your lens hood. This way a pet will look straight at you!
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet focus eyes

  5. Do some on the move shots.

    Taking photos on the move isn’t easy. Yet, it is worth trying. Here are some valuable tips to memorize by heart. First, don’t zoom in. If you’ve read our Mobile photography 101, you already know that. The deal is, zooming in harms quality. So either get close or take a shot from a distance. You can crop a photo later on without harming the quality.

    Secondly, use faster shutter speed. If you set up a slow shutter speed, the running pet will come out blurry. For those pets that move really fast, use 1/1000 sec shutter speed. Though great, it might make pictures really dark. If so, increase your ISO number. 
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet move

  6. Capture the feeling. Photographers often ask how to take family photos with pets. The answer, though, remains the same. Capture the feeling. Indeed, the bond between a pet and family members makes any picture look sincere. Don’t forget about the technical part as well. Go for f/5.6 aperture setting. That will keep both pet and owners in focus.

    How to take family photos with pets so they come out naturally? Ask subjects to dress up comphy and get ready to have some fun. The great idea is to
    create a family photobook and fill it down will those amazing shots with pets. Thanks to our service, it only takes a few minutes to create a stylish photobook for your whole family.
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet capture feelings

  7. Choose a plain background.

    A good background can either make or break your pet portrait success. Thus, don’t underestimate the location. Select a background that doesn’t distract the viewer’s attention from the subject. Then, set up your camera to a small aperture number (e.g. f/2.8) to give your background that lovely blurriness. Make sure that the background contrasts with the pet’s fur. 
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet plain background

  8. Catch up the golden hours. We recommend using natural light instead of turning on the flash. First, you have plenty of sunlight to use during the day. Secondly, pets hate flashes. Don’t plan photoshoots at noontime. Though there is a lot of light, there are almost no shades. As a result, pictures come out flat and non-professional. Shades in turn, always add deepness and style to your photos. You can either find natural shade, choose a cloudy day, or photograph your pets early in the morning or late in the evening during the ‘golden’ hour when the light comes from a steeper angle.
    Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet golden hour

Over to you

From setting up the camera to choosing the right background, you now know how to take better photos of your pets. Have you ever photographed your dog? What challenges did you face? Share in the comments below. 

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