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Showcasing your photo prints is essential. First, it boosts your self-esteem. Secondly, it officially makes you an artist. Finally, it creates an atmosphere. All in all, that’s the way to express your own vision of beauty to the world. The question is whether you know how to showcase your prints and photos? Let me share some ideas to get you inspired.

8 ideas for displaying your pictures in 2020

There are no wrong or right ways to display your photo prints. Creativity doesn’t know the limits. And that’s great. However, some of the already invented methods of visual showcasing are very balanced and stylish. Consider the following:

  1. Use accent tape.

    How to showcase your prints and photos if you are cut on a budget? Go for accent tape. Both white and colored art tape is a minimalistic way to add an element of design to your print display. It looks best on the white plain wall. The placement of the photo prints is up to you. It can be either a square, a triangle, or a spiral.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home

  2. Turn on the light.

    Once you print photos, put them on a wall in a manner you like. Then, use some invisible tape to attach light strings. That will emphasize your photo prints and add some coziness to it.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home with lights

  3. Buy a wooden photo ledge.

    Wood is classy. It looks stable, stylish, and creates that “home” vibe you aim for. With a wooden photo ledge, you can place your best shots in line with souvenirs you brought from travels. Let’s say you went to Morocco for a vacation.  Print down the colorful photos from a trip, display them on a wooden ledge, and an African vibe by locating some seashells, tribe masks, or authentic pottery.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home with light wooden photo ledge

  4. Create a photo book.

    That’s probably the most classy and proven way to display your photos. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, it only takes a few minutes to create a high-quality and trendy photo book. You can create either a portrait or a landscape photo book to put on a shelf and show to your friends and colleagues. If you don't have enough time or desire to create a photo book yourself, the service can automatically do it for you.
    How to display photos at your home for cozy atmosphere

  5. Use the power of nature.

    Nothing makes our homes as alive and fresh as nature itself. Once again, you can use a wooden photo ledge. Yet, this time decorate it both with cherished shots and plants. We recommend to use those greens that do not require a lot of care. Anthurium, Baby Toes, Echeveria, Asparagus Fern, or Chinese Money Plant will do the work. Speaking about nature, the time is ripe to fight plastic pollution. 
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home power of nature

  6. Check out your basement.

    Haven’t you got a ladder you’ve been planning to get rid of? Don’t rush. It might become a perfect tool for displaying your prints and photos. If the ladder is made out of stealth, you can die it in bright yellow, white, or blue color. You can also make it rainbow or zebra-patterned. That’s a perfect choice foк a kid’s room. Once you died your ladder, print your pictures and use invisible tape to attach them. The trick is, you can place the ladder both vertically and horizontally on the wall.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home with things at home                                                                                  [Source]

  7. Get some shadowbox magnets.

    Old school rocks. There are plenty of services that allow you to print photos on magnets. Decorate your fridge with your own art and every other breakfast will be even more delightful. The deal is, displaying your photos is about being who you are. Though little, a magnet with your best shot on the fridge will become a powerful source of morning motivation to grow as an artist. To get even more inspired check out Phone Photography 101: How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home with shadow magnets

  8. Create a photo clock.

    Art is eternal. Yet, it looks great if surrounding a clock. The idea is fresh and your friends will definitely find it creative. Put a functional clock on the wall and place your best shots around it.
    how to showcase your prints and photos at home photo clock

Over to you

I hope you now have some ideas on how to showcase your prints and photos. Moreover, you do understand that the displaying process requires as much creativity as photography itself. What that means, your feeling of joy and beauty are the only signs showing the right path. 

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