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  • How to add a photo to my photo book?

    Currently you can only add pictures from your Facebook account. Once you log into our website using your Facebook account, the system will automatically collect all the images from your page and sort them out in albums. If you want to add an additional image to your photo book, you need to go to your Facebook account, upload it into a relevant album, and recollect the data on our website.

  • Why aren’t there any photo albums in my Diamond Books account?

    To collect your photos and create photo books, our system requests your permission to access the visual content in your Facebook account. If you declined the request, we can’t collect images and create photo books.

  • Can I delete some images from my Diamond book?

    Sure, simply hover the image you want deleted and click on a trash can at the top right corner. Remember that these changes will affect the final layout of the book, so don’t forget to update the book once you are done choosing which images to leave in a book.

    Alternatively, you can choose the photos in the “Media” section before moving into the actual creation of the book. For it, hover the image and click on a switcher at the top right corner to turn it grey.

  • Can I save the book without necessarily printing it out?

    Yes, you can. We encourage you to share a created Diamond Book on your social media profile by clicking “Make public” in the popup menu at the bottom left corner of a specific book. This way, you can save the book and share it with your friends. Alternatively, you can save a book in the PDF format, and either keep it as it is or print it when you are ready.

  • Is my content private?

    Yes, it is unless you click “Make public” and decide to share it with your friends.

  • Can I change the layout of the book?

    Not at the moment. The whole point of Diamond Books is that you don’t have to do a thing to get a beautiful custom photo book. SImply choose the images and let the experts do the rest. We’ll organize your images chronologically and according to their color scheme.

  • How many pages can I add to my Diamond book?

    At the moment you can add a maximum of 150 pages.

  • Is there a minimum amount of pages in a single book?

    Yes, you need to have at least … pages in your Diamond photo book.

  • Can I change the maximum number of images on a single page inside my book?

    Yes, you can. Simply move the mouse and choose the desired amount of images on a page in the left-hand menu in the “Media” section.

  • Can I upload my own layout?

    Not at the moment. Currently, the layout is automatically chosen by our system based on the images number and size.